Key league baseball handicapping

In 2018 I have improved my betting model, betting strategies and I pay more attention to closing line value. According to bookmakers this is the most important factor how they filter sharp bettors from losing bettors.Closing line is the last line (or the odds if you like) just before the game will start. It includes all the information and it represent the most efficient price on the market. If you can beat it, you have a good chance to be a winner on the long run.

Here is what Pinnacle, which is one of the เว็บแทงบอล UFABET  sharpest says about the importance of closing line: “According to the efficient market hypothesis the closing odds are on average more accurate than the opening odds in predicting the probability of how a fixture will play out. One of the main concerns among successful bettors is whether their success represents a genuine edge over the bookmaker or simply a stroke of luck. By tracking your ability to beat the closing odds, you have a measurable way in your hands to differentiate between reliable strategy and blind luck.

A consistent track record of beating the closing odds is, therefore, an indicator of consistent profits in the long run.”If the yield will tell us about betting efficiency, CLV (closing line value) is a good indicator what you can expect in the future. In other words if you take some odds and if these odds drop most of the time before the game starts, you can expect positive results in the future, because you beat closing line. If the odds go against you most of the time, maybe it is a time to change something.

Tracking closing line value is something every bettor should do. I am giving you free downloadable tracker and you can use it for yourself. Once you know this information, there is no excuse not to track CLV anymore.You can download FREE betting tracker that also tracks CLV (closing line value) here.In 2019 I wanted to see my CLV numbers based on the value. So I wanted to see do I beat the line more often if I bet on the games with bigger +EV (positive expected value):