Top 5 beauty boutiques of Dubai Mall

If you have recently bought either of the bungalows or City Walk apartments for sale in Dubai, you must be greatly enjoying residing in the city. Especially if you tend to be a shopaholic, it must be relieved for you to know that the world’s most premium shopping mall i.e. Dubai Mall is only some minutes of drive away.

However, given the enormity of Dubai Mall, it houses nearly  1,300 stores. Therefore, it is not surprising at all, if you sometimes lose track here or feel clueless regarding where to begin from.

The goal of this blog is to save yourself from endless wanderings, therefore we offer a guide to some of the best boutiques in Dubai Mall. Whether you have an affinity for scented body lotions, designer fragrances or best quality cosmetics, this blog would certainly lead you to make some valuable addition to your bathroom cabinet, so read on!

  1. Aesop

Aesop is an Australian skin care brand, that looks fabulous to the eyes and comforting to the skin. Thanks to the apothecary-styles bottles, placing product of these brands can instantly upgrade the look of your cabinet.

Besides, the unique designing, you would also find these products to be surprisingly fragrant. So whether you apply their haircare, skincare or body products, you will end up leaving your bathroom smell like heaven.

Aesop not just boast having their stand-alone boutique Dubai Mall, but also takes great pride in having a counter at Bloomingdale’s Dubai.

What is exceptional great about Aesop is that its products are enriched with the healthy and botanical ingredient, so you need to worry about the side effects. Furthermore, this brand tends to cover everything, so you would not see their skin and hair care products adorned all over the shop, but would also amazing find face oils, exfoliating handwash and Anti-oxidant serum.

  1. Le Labo

This skincare brand was initially launched in 2006 in New York, however, due to its Scandi-inspired packaging, interesting fragrance it won many hearts. Therefore, before long, Le Labo successfully came up with fabulous hair and body care products as well.

Now, this brand has millions of fans across the world including Alexa Chung and it boosts for having countless best-selling products like sandalwood-led Santal 33.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury

Do you have a penchant for cosmetics, but you have no idea who Charlotte Tilbury is?


She is one of the topmost celebrated makeup artists and nearly every celebrity cannot help singing her praises. She has with people like Kate Moss and Amal Clooney, therefore when she launched her brand in the United Arab Emirates, it right received the success it deserves.

Fortunately, Dubai Mall has stocked everything included in Tillbury’s beauty line. So if you want to glam up yourself without looking too gaudy Charlotte Tilbury is the way to go for you. All-out glam palettes by the brand would give you the easiest put together look. For a bit of a dewy look her Light Wonder foundation is a must-have and for the most flattering nude lips, Tilbury’s pillow talk lip liner and lipstick is just perfect for you.

  1. Chanel

This exclusive stand-alone beauty boutique was one of the first ones that were introduced in Dubai. In a matter of years, Chanel rightfully earned teh popularity that it now boasts. That is because this brand offers the most unique fragrances, makeup products and skincare with French labels.

For people who are drawn to no-makeup-makeup-look, Chanel lit from within powders, dewy foundations and concealers are the way to go. Even if you are drawn to slight pop of colours, you would greatly benefit from Chanel’s creamy lipsticks and shimmering but subtle eyeshadows and blushes.

To easily grab every passer by’s attention, Chanel offers an amazing perfume line. Especially the Unisex Boy perfume from Chanel is worth a try.

  1. Dior

This another standalone popular beauty boutique in Dubai Mall. Primarily, Dior offers an extensive range of luxury products. What is amazing about this brand is that it not just designed for well-experienced makeup artists, but also for the ones who are new to makeup. For instance, Dior mascara offers and easy way for you to plump up your lashes.

Since Dubai is the city for all kinds of fanatics, other than Dubai Mall here you would find a plethora of many amazing malls. So whether you are makeup artists or just someone who wants to learn more about skincare, Dubai is a place for you. So you should seriously consider buying penthouses for sale in Dubai.